Career Mama of the Week- Varsha Singh

Our Career Mama of the Week is the lovely Varsha Singh from @ClutterBGone. This super mama entrepreneur shares the raw and honest truth about the importance of self care as a first time mama, and what it’s like to be a working mama to a toddler, all while running a successful business, in this week’s article.

3 words that describe me as a career mama...

Selfless – always putting people before myself

Strong – able to withstand anything that comes my way and come out on top; and 

Brave – faced hardship, but overcame them, despite fear

The biggest sacrifice I had to make as a career mama…Time and attention was and still is the biggest sacrifice to me as a career mom. It is the only thing we lose quickly that we will never have back. Unlike most mothers, I went back to work 7 weeks after having my daughter. Ask any first-time mamas and many will tell you how precious and valuable your child’s first year is. As an entrepreneur my time also means growth for my business not only financially but also analytically. The greatest privilege about having our first child just before Covid took over was that my time and attention could now be channeled to one thing – our new family and how our lives would have to change to accommodate her, especially since my time is no longer just mine to give to the business.

A Proud Career mama moment…My proudest moment as a career mom was celebrating our achievement of reaching our 10-year milestone for the company. Although the last two years have been a challenge for small businesses, ClutterBGone will soon head into 11 years of operations which I’m extremely proud of because our clients are truly our # 1 priority.

A raw and honest truth about being a career mama… its overwhelming, chaotic and I feel guilty all the time. It’s hard to juggle both a career and motherhood let alone the responsibilities of the home. At times I think I would prefer to be a stay-at-home mom and focus all my attention and time raising our daughter. 

Other times I am so thankful for the luxury of a flexible schedule, the opportunity to interact and engage with others and the fulfillment it provides me when I make a difference in others lives. Being a mompreneur, reminds me of my purpose and fills my cup everyday so I can be even more present for our child. Motherhood and entrepreneurship is in and of itself the same, in the sense that it’s an emotional roller coaster of a journey. 

Another raw and honest truth learned is, childhood trauma can really shape/mold our own journey as parents but also our goals and aspirations as individuals. It’s okay not to be in love with your motherhood journey all the time, it does not make you less than, in fact it makes you very normal. I am a person who although embraces change struggles a lot with it, so it’s only fitting becoming a mother and juggling a business was challenging to embrace and fit into a routine I knew all too well.

One advice I wish someone shared with me…is navigating motherhood and a career will mean learning to let go of this notion of perfection, being on and at the ready all the time can cause burnout and make things that could be everyday treasures feel like everyday chores. One advice I wished someone shared with me is how important “self care” is to mothers whether you are a new mom or a pre-existing mom. In a time where the phrase “self care” is so widely used I feel we have lost the understanding and meaning of the act of “self care”. I wished the advice focused most importantly on what “self care” really looks like for a career mama and the signs to identify when to implement that break because truth be told this is still a daily battle for me. 

My go to products or services as a working mama: 

  • Online Grocery Order/Curb Pick-up (Walmart Grocery App)
  • Cleaning Services (Major Clean) 
  • Digital Planner & Physical Planner (Apple Calendar & Quo Vadis Weekly Planner)
  • 1SE App (1 second everyday App) – a video diary that makes it easy to take your day-to-day moments and create a movie of your year.
  • The Wonder Weeks App – help give parents information about baby’s mental development and what to expect 
  • — Free resources to help understand, track, and encourage your baby’s milestones for the best possible outcomes
  • Chiropractic services monthly 
  • Massage therapy quarterly 
  • The morning App – daily mindfulness reflections 
  • Mindful in Minutes Podcast – Guided meditation sessions 

More about ClutterBGone:

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A career mama that inspires me…

Very rarely would you find me looking at reality TV for inspiration however the more I thought about this questions the more it was clear, I could go the route of someone like Michelle Obama, Meaghan Markle, Amal Clooney, or Shonda Rhimes (which were all great options for a number of reasons), but I decided on Teresa Giudice from Real Housewives of New Jersey. Interesting right!? So why, she is a mother of 4 daughters and embodies the 3 words that I used to describe myself above: Selfless, Strong, and Brave. 

If you know her story you know she served time in jail but despite this hardship she rose above it, raising her daughters as a single mother, she became a 4-time bestselling author and successful businesswoman. She is very underestimated by others, but her drive and determination makes her my fierce career mama inspiration, she shows me you can lose everything but with the love of your family together with hard work and drive you can rebuild your life.

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